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Welcome to the DI&PS Collaboration Wiki!

Digital Imaging & Preservation Services (DI&PS), within the Research & Informatics division of the Library, is responsible for curating digital collections from Virginia Tech and cultural heritage institutions in the Southwest Virginia region. In the Digital Curation Suite we provide digital imaging services for Virginia Tech Special Collections as well as our partnering cultural heritage institutions. We work together with the five library units shown above to transfer digital content to long term preservation. We also work with Information Technology Services to make sure that the Library's digital objects are able to be accessed by generations to come.

DI&PS is responsible for the following program areas:

  • Campus Digital Imaging Program
  • Regional Digital Imaging Program
  • University Web Archiving
  • University Libraries Digital Preservation System

In keeping with Virginia Tech's motto, Ut Prosim, the "S" in DI&PS stands for Services. Our work is necessarily inter-departmental. While other library units are self-contained and highly specialized, the Service we provide is to "fill the gaps" and integrate other library units into a comprehensive data curation system.

DI&PS Links

Digital Imaging Services on the Library website (still TBA)

Digital Preservation Services on the Library website (still TBA)

The DI&PS Team

DI&PS Mission Statement, Goals, & Scope

Current Projects

FAQ about DI&PS

Links to Partnering Units

Contact Us!

(email for SW VA DL)

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